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President Trump Announces Plan to Ban the Sale of Flavored Ecigarettes

Our industry is one that has been under attack for quite some time. Today, we were dealt a potentially fatal blow. President Trump, Alex Azar the Secretary of Health and Human Services and FDA Commissioner Norman Sharpless announced their intent to remove all flavored ecigarette products from the market with the exception of Tobacco flavored ecigarettes. Included in the flavor ban would be menthol and mint flavored ecigarettes as well. This flavor ban would apply to all eliquid, nicotine salts and disposable pod systems. We have always tried to avoid spreading the hysteria and panic that our industry deals with, but this situation is very different. Love him or hate him, President Trump is not one to make bluffs. So we are taking this threat to our industry very seriously.


Here Is What We Know

  • The proposed ban of flavored ecigarettes and eliquid will be officially announced in the coming weeks.
  • Once the flavor ban is announced, retailers and manufacturers will have 30 days to remove all flavored ecigarette products from the market.
  • This ban includes menthol and mint flavored products as well.
  • Only Tobacco flavored ecigarettes and eliquid will be allowed to remain on the market.
  • Tobacco flavored ecigarettes and eliquid would be allowed to stay in the market until May 2020, at which time the manufacturer must apply for approval with the FDA to keep their Tobacco flavored ecigarettes on the market.

Quote from the Secretary of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, seated in the Oval Office with the President, first lady Melania Trump and the acting commissioner of the FDA, announced that newly proposed enforcement policy would require flavored e-cigarette companies to take their products off the market.
"It'll take several weeks for us to put out the final guidance that will announce all the parameters around the enforcement policy, and then there will likely be about a 30-day delay to effective date, as is customary," Azar said. But "at that point all flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavor would have to be removed from the market."
By May 20, he said, e-cigarette companies making tobacco-flavored products would have the chance to file for approval by the FDA to keep their products on the market.
What That Means For You and Vape 911
If you are a consumer of non-tobacco flavored ecigarettes or eliquid, once the official announcement has been made, you will have up to 30 days to continue purchasing non-tobacco flavored eliquid. After the 30 day period it will be illegal for any retailer or online site to sell non-tobacco flavored products.
Vape 911 is going to hold steady and continue to provide flavored ecigarettes and eliquid for as long as we can. We will continue to offer Tobacco flavored eliquid and ecigarettes once the flavor ban is in place.
Vape 911 Eliquid Shelf Life
Once the ball was in motion and President Trump announced the decision, one of the questions we started getting from our customers was about the shelf life and stability of our eliquid. The shelf life of Vape 911 eliquid is 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Since we make all eliquid to order, it would essentially be one year from the date of purchase. That shelf life can be extended by keeping eliquid in cool and dark places. We understand that many of our customers (ourselves included) will be stocking up on their favorite flavors to enjoy well after the flavor ban is in effect. We are doubling down on the ordering of flavoring and do not anticipate to run empty on any flavor prior to the ban taking effect.
Vape 911 Tobacco Flavored Eliquid
We manufacture close to 20 different tobacco flavors in our eliquid line. In fact, the majority of them make up for our best selling flavors. We want to assure you that these tobacco flavors will still be available when the ban takes place.
Sign The Official White House Petition
CLICK HERE to sign the official White House petition regarding the flavor ban.
Hopefully as the days and weeks unfold everything will come to light and we will be able to provide you with more details including effective dates. In the meantime, should you have any questions we would be happy to answer them to the best of our ability.
Vape 911, LLC